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November 2016
01 Nov

UNESCO Empowers Local Community Radio Stations through ICT

In 2016, four community radio stations - Radio Isangano, Radio Huguka, Radio Ishingiro and Radio Izuba - received capacity-building training through workshops organized by UNESCO, part of the One UN in Rwanda. These workshops were organized in conjunction with the Empowering Local Radios with ICT project.

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01 Nov

Rweru Modern Green Village gives Rwandans hope for a better life

Rweru Model Village will soon be home to more than 400 Rwandans who will be relocated from Mazane and Sharita Islands on Lake Rweru. The islands were mapped as high-risk zones, and the Government of Rwanda determined them to be unsuitable for living. The new green village will have electricity, clean drinkable water, and several new infrastructures, including a school, a health post, and a modern market with access to the Internet.

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October 2016
31 Oct

UN Deputy Secretary General on 2-day working visit to Rwanda

The United Nations Deputy Secretary General (DSG) Mr. Jan Eliasson is in Rwanda on a two-day working visit, on the invitation of the Government of Rwanda. In addition to meeting with senior government officials including H.E President Paul Kagame, he also conducted field visits to One UN project sites in Rwamagana  and also met with the UN Country Team. 

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Success Story
12 Oct

Increasing the Impact of School Meals in Rwanda

In the poorest and most food insecure districts of Rwanda school meals are a lifeline for many families.  A daily school meal provides a strong incentive to send children to school and keep them there (especially girls), it helps to increase school enrollment and attendance, decrease drop-out rates, and improve learning.

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01 Oct

UNICEF partners with Rwanda Broadcasting Agency to design Itetero, Rwanda’s first radio programme for children.

Itetero is an innovative radio programme created in partnership with Radio Rwanda in October 2015. The programme was designed as a part of the One UN in Rwanda initiative, and is the only radio programme in Rwanda created for children and by children. Itetero means “children’s nurturing space” in Kinyarwanda; the programme teaches children Rwandan cultural values while improving their cognitive, social, and physical development. They also learn positive behaviours through drama, songs, and stories.

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September 2016


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